Welcome to the Chandler Unified Schools Employee Self Services Web Portal

Once logged into our site you will have the ability to view and manage many elements of employee information, including your employee profile, benefits enrollment, pay stubs, tax withholding information (W-4), and more. Information is available 24/7 via the secure iVisions Portal.

Google Chrome is the preferred browser.


Login to iVisions
User Name:
Infinite Visions version: 20.03.19

If you are a first time Substitute using Employee Online iVisions, use the following format for Password: 
Login for Long Term Subs: lastname.firstname
Login for Short Term Subs: Employee ID 

If you are a first time Temporary Employee: 
Login: Employee ID OR lastname.firstname

If you are a Student:
Login: S****** 
Password: Computer Password

All other users, use:
Login: LastName.FirstName
Password: Computer Password